INNOBIZ MedAssist Services

The INNOBIZ MedAssist Practice Management System, an administration software system used by medical practitioners to support diary management, patient medical profiles, payments and invoicing management, reports to name a few. The system is a Cloud-Based software, which makes time and location irrelevant can be accessed anytime, anywhere! No server required, only reliable Internet connection. No need for local IT Support, included in monthly rentals.

  • Full Patient Management software including support for ICD10 WHO Disease Diagnosis Classification Standards.

  • Patient Appointment & Calendar Management.

  • Patient Medical Profile Management.

  • Electronic Patient Consultation, Diagnosis & Procedure Notes Keeping.

  • Electronic Medicine Prescriptions.

  • Invoicing, Payments & Statements. Batch email sending of Statements.

  • Electronic Medical Aid Claims.

  • Automated Appointment reminder notification via E-mail and SMS.

  • Automated notification for hospital admissions, specialist referrals and pharmacy prescriptions.

  • On demand Sick Note notification to Employer or Institutions.

  • Host of standard and customisable reports.